1. Gift Cards – They Will LOVE You!

    You know how much you are LOVING the new you..... the hair-free you? Imagine sharing this with loved ones! HOW EXCITED WOULD THEY BE?! It may be something they desperately desire but it is not in their current budget. You could give them a PERMANENT gift they will enjoy every. single. day. of the y…Read More

  2. Who Would Use Electrolysis These Days?

    Who would choose this old fashioned method of permanent hair removal in the day of lasers?  To be honest, more than you would guess.  If given the option of laser or electrolysis, we recommend laser hands down.  The speed, efficiency, and value can't be beat.  The two main reasons people choose…Read More

  3. Welcoming New Highly Trained Technician

    We are highly anticipating the addition of Janice Nelson to our elite group of technicians.  Her background and history ensure she will be an immediate asset to Permanent Choice. As owner of Cherry Creek Studios in Denver, Colorado for over 23 years she is knowledgeable in all facets of cosmetol…Read More

  4. Better Business Bureau rating of A+

    Permanent Choice has been in business since 1991 and still maintains a No health citations...EVER. You can put your mind at ease knowing our staff is well trained and our equipment is the Gold Standard.…Read More

  5. This News Will Take Your Breath Away!

    Quite literally.  Actually all the air in the room. This state-of-the-art equipment  removes all contaminants, particles, and vapors in the room.Always acting proactively, Permanent Choice has consistently based our choices of equipment, technician education, products and policies onYOUR SAFETY I…Read More

  6. We Are Honored to Display Our Newest Award

    Thirty-one years of technical skill, state-of-the-art equipment, genuine care and integrity is proven by our Better Business Bureau rating of A+ and many other accolades throughout the years. We thank Dr. Angela Hatfield, M.D. who provides us with medical direction, using her experience as a Board C…Read More