The answer I wish I knew.

The question I wish I knew the answer to is, "how many treatments will I need".

It's not that I don't want to tell you, that I am hiding something from you. But I honestly don't know. We believe it is important to give honest facts and not false hopes or misleading information.

Each individual has their own number. Even on that same individual, different areas will have their own number.

Some people/areas will be done when they are done. Others may need what we call maintenance once a year or so, the first or second year.

After each treatment your hair-free period will get longer and you will have fewer and finer hairs return. You soon find that you are where you want to be most of the time. Eventually the hairs simply do not return. Starting treatments you think it will take a long time, but it seems to go much faster than you might have imagined because of being hair-free so much of the time.

People that have medical diagnoses or on medications that stimulate hair growth may need continual maintenance. But that is a very small thing to ask to be comfortable, confident, and carefree all the time.

So we can't tell you exactly how many treatments you will need, but we can tell you to expect the average. Usually somewhere between 6-10 treatments. The treatments are 6-8 weeks apart unless specified differently by your technician. If you are able to stay on this schedule the growth cycles of your hairs start to coincide, making future appointments very efficient. So it is to your benefit, you will need fewer treatments, if you are able to do that.

I am sure you have many other questions. I will address more subjects in future blogs. If there is a topic that you would like covered you can email us at or call or text us at 952-898-1111, or message us on our Facebook page,

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