Can I get laser hair removal in summer?

So you've been hearing a lot about laser hair removal, are you wondering what it's all about? Did your girlfriend just get it done and is raving about it to you? Well, if you want to understand how the process works this will explain the two choices for permanent hair removal:

And I could tell you about all the benefits, why you'd love it, and won't regret it, but there are plenty of advertising and social media posts for that.

Instead I would rather answer some of the other questions that you may have.

A common one in summer is:

“I hear you can't do laser hair removal in the summer.”

You CAN do laser hair removal any time of year, however, the area that will be lasered cannot have exposure to direct sunlight. Underarms, of course, pose little trouble, even bikinis have ways around, but the full legs, face, arms and feet need to be protected. Clothing and/or a full spectrum sunblock.

The reason no exposure AFTER a treatment is because the powerful laser “wakes up” the melanocytes. Their job is to “tan” the skin, protecting it from burning. If a lasered area is exposed to sunlight within 2 weeks they may go into overdrive of wanting to protect the skin, resulting in hyperpigmentation. The reason we do not want sun exposure BEFORE a treatment is the greater the contrast between skin and hair shaft, the better the results achieved.

Even sitting in the shade or driving in a car you are still susceptible to UVA rays. (Remember it this way, UVA equals Age and UVB equals Burn). With what we now know about how sunlight breaks down the collagen and DNA causing age spots and loose saggy skin, one would want to protect themselves even if not lasering.

Do not buy a sunscreen according to the SPF number, but look for a sunblock. Full spectrum protection. We have always recommended zinc. It is a physical block, an ingredient that our body use, not a toxic poison that is absorbed. Please research the FDAs latest findings:

So back to the main question, yes you can get laser hair removal in the summer, but one must simply be aware and protect from exposure, much like a new tattoo.

Some people choose to wait or take a break until fall for this reason. Here in Minnesota winter is an excellent time for lasering. There is a rash of calls at the beginning of fall for this reason. Because of this, we recommend calling and scheduling several of your fall appointments NOW to ensure that you get get the dates and times most convenient for you.