Our Story

The Incredible Story of One Woman


Susan Lossing, Founder of Permanent Choice

Often time we begin a journey to help ourselves, never realizing how many other people will be brought into the blessing.

As a small child .....

She watched all the women in her family struggle with the ongoing battle of facial hair. Early memories included witnessing her grandmother shaving her full beard, and then watching her mother and aunts sitting around the kitchen as wax was melting in the double boiler. There was a family ritual of waxing their lower faces together. Even the youngest children were there, having fun playing with the softened wax.

As she grew older the responsibility to keep her grandmother's face smooth fell onto her. She swore to not follow suit, to somehow break out of this tradition.

When she found herself spending the few precious moments of quiet time that a young mother has in front of a mirror plucking her face: and worse, noticing the inevitable scarring starting to take place, she knew she had to find a solution.

She found an electrologist and began treatments for herself. Experiencing good results she decided to find a school for electrolysis and switched careers. Many thought she was crazy to leave her good job of 12 years at a large bank.

She not only excelled in the precision and skill required, but had a knack to make her clients feel safe and comfortable with such personal services because she had the compassion of experiencing it herself.

From there her business grew exponentially. Every added technician had to pass The Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE) test, even though it is not required in Minnesota. It signifies their knowledge has been tested and measured against a national standard of excellence. In addition they had to pass Susan's personal hands-on mentorship program, ensuring only the most skilled in her business.

When lasers became available she was among the first to get the necessary schooling and purchase the equipment. As technology developed and the science of light advanced she stayed on top of it with continual classes for the many different types of lasers and intense pulsed light machines as each became available. So exceptional is her knowledge she now is asked to visit other clinics and spas to train their staff the intricacies of reading skin and choosing precise settings. Currently she owns more Lumenis LightSheer Diode lasers than any other laser hair removal company in Minnesota, and is among the elite few with her level of experience and knowledge.

She set out to solve her own problem and ended up helping literally hundreds of thousands of clients to feel better about themselves, to have confidence they never imagined possible - even in up close situations. She has also helped her technicians by upping their level of training and offering exceptional and appreciated employment.

One lone electrologist to the largest locally-owned hair removal business in Minnesota.

An amazing true story.