I’m a careful shopper and did some serious looking for high-quality laser hair removal, choosing Permanent Choice Laser Hair Removal in Bloomington for a number of reasons. Here’s what I love about it: ~ I have the same technician (Deborah) every time, and she makes me feel very comfortable. ~ She is always on-time, gets me in and out in no time, and it’s always clean. ~ The price is much cheaper, comparatively, than the big-name, national laser chains that have a lot of overhead (Permanent Choice is local). ~ If you’re able to go early in the day (before 2 or 3pm – can’t remember) you get a fantastic discount. ~ It feels personal, it feels private, and it feels like I’m a valued customer. The “big laser places,” the ones you hear advertised all the time, will have you speak with a salesperson when you go in for the first time, not the actual person who will do the laser treatments, plus there is no guarantee that you’ll see the same tech each time; in fact, that’s unlikely. I wasn’t okay with that, especially on top of their higher prices. I’ve been so happy with my choice and have recommended Deborah at Permanent Choice to many of my friends. I’m about halfway through my treatments and am very pleased with the results to-date. It does hurt – I can’t lie – but in my opinion, not shaving is SO worth it.