I am a male and have wanted to remove hair on my back for several years. I have been considering laser hair removal. I didn’t feel comfortable with the first 2 clinics that I visited (for consultation) and had almost given up on the idea. The other places I met with seemed focused on locking me in (prepaying) for several treatments up front and seemed to be far more focused on the money than informing me about the procedure. Then I went to Permanent Choice in Eden Prairie. Their staff was super friendly and seemed far more honest in what you should expect, AND they didn’t even try to sell me on any packages or prepayment plans. Their price was on a per appointment basis and although they said I’d need somewhere between 4-6 visits to achieve the goal I was looking for, I could stop the treatments at any time. My technician was Carol and she is just awesome. She’s always checking with me to make sure I’m comfortable and explains in detail what she is doing. I have had 4 treatments and have achieved great results. I would highly recommend Permanent Choice.