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Make your transition as smooth as possible by removing unwanted hair

For many people, the removal of unwanted body hair is an important part of realizing their gender expression.

Permanent Choice offers electrolysis and laser hair removal for clients seeking permanent hair removal for cosmetic and surgical purposes.

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Electrolysis Vs. Laser Hair Removal

What is the right option for you?

Each client requires a different approach to removing unwanted hair based on the color of their hair, skin tone, density of hair, and medical history.


-Ideal for white, blonde, or red hairs

-Ideal for all skin tones

-Hairs must be 1/4 inch to treat

-Hair is destroyed by electrical current

-Requires 30+ treatments (dependent on density)

-Every hair treated separately

Laser Hair Removal:

-Ideal for brown and black hairs

-Hair must be darker than skin tone

-Hairs can be shaved to the skin

-Hair is destroyed with laser energy

-Requires 8-15 treatments (dependent on area)

-Several hairs treated at once

To meet with a technician and discuss your options, along with what treatment plan would work best for you, book a free consultation today.

LOGO Permanent Choice laser hair removal and electrolysis centers  (10 × 10 cm) (5 × 5 cm) (3 × 3 cm) (5).png

Hair removal for the Face and Body

Our technicians will work with you to create the appropriate treatment plan to help you achieve smooth, hair-free skin.

Laser hair removal for facial and body hair is available in all locations and by all technicians.

Electrolysis hair removal for facial hair is available in all locations and by all technicians.

*Currently we are not taking new electrolysis clients for the body.

Hair removal for surgical Preparation

Whether Vaginoplasty or Phalloplasty our team of specialists is here to help you prepare for surgery by utilizing laser hair removal and/or electrolysis.

Our specialist technicians are well-versed in surgical requirements and client needs, making your hair removal process easy and worry-free.

We recommend allowing at least 12-18 months for hair removal and often advise beginning hair removal around 6 months prior to your first surgery consultation. This allows ample time for hair removal before your surgery date.


The area(s) needing to be cleared of hair will be determined by your surgery type. As there are many techniques for Vaginoplasty procedures you will need to either speak with your surgeon or research what area(s) need to be cleared and provide this information to your technician.

Clients can opt to remove all hair in the pubic and genital areas or just the surgical prep areas.

*NOTE: Vaginoplasty surgical preparation is considered a specialized service and therefore is not performed by all technicians in all locations. Please specify if you are preparing for Gender-affirming surgery when booking your appointment to ensure you are booked with the appropriate technician.

*At this time we are not taking on any new electrolysis clients for vaginoplasty preparation, but are welcoming new clients for the method of laser hair removal for the Vaginoplasty surgery preparation.


Arm or leg we offer laser hair removal and electrolysis to clear your surgery area. Phalloplasty preparation is performed by all technicians in every location.

We request that you please bring a diagram of the perimeter required by your surgeon to be removed for surgery, to keep in your file.

Medical Insurance:

As a form of gender-affirming care, permanent hair removal is increasingly recognized as a medical necessity by insurance companies. Because of this, we encourage clients to contact their insurance companies to inquire if their plans include permanent hair removal for the face, body, or surgical prep areas. It is important to clarify what area(s) and what form of hair removal is covered by your insurance plan and what pre-authorization requirements are needed.

In-Network Insurance Submission:

Permanent Choice is in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, meaning if you are covered by BCBS-MN and your individual plan includes hair removal, we are able to directly submit claims to BCBS-MN.

If you have not reached your deductible you will be responsible for the full cost at the time of treatment which will count toward your annual deductible.

Out-of-Network Medical Reimbursement:

If you do not have BCBS-MN but your insurance plan includes permanent hair removal you might be eligible for reimbursement. You will need to contact your insurance provider and inquire if medical reimbursement, also known as in-network benefit exemption, is allowed for your specific plan and what requirements you will need to qualify for this. If you are qualified for medical reimbursement you will be responsible for the full cost of the treatment at each appointment and will receive an insurance invoice which you can use to get reimbursed from your insurance company. Please request your insurance invoice at the end of each treatment.

Prior Authorization (PA):

Required by most insurance providers a Prior Authorization, also referred to as precertification is a determination form made by your healthcare provider regarding the medical necessity of a healthcare service. A PA usually needs to be supported with an MD letter from your doctors or nurses stating the need for gender-affirming hair removal services. This letter can help speed up the process of getting claims approved which is an important aspect of the process.

We advise beginning the approval process for a prior authorization before you start treatments to ensure your treatments are fully covered. In instances where a client's insurance policy covers gender-affirming hair removal, but claims get denied it is often a result of the absence of a PA on record.

Provide the following information to your provider when requesting a PA letter.

CPT: F64.9

Laser: 17999

Electrolysis: 17380



LOGO Permanent Choice laser hair removal and electrolysis centers  (10 × 10 cm) (5 × 5 cm) (3 × 3 cm) (3).png

If you do not find the answers to any of your questions on this page, please call us at (952) 898-1111 and we would be happy to help answer any questions for you.