Permanent Choice limits the procedures that are offered to women who are pregnant. If you are currently pregnant or become pregnant during your course of treatments please let us know in advance. We may need to modify or postpone your treatments until after you give birth.

For all hair removal treatments, if you have not seen hair regrowing in the treatment area please contact us a minimum of two days in advance of your appointment to reschedule. We will push your appointment one to two weeks into the future in order to wait for the new growth to appear.

VI Peel, Microdermabrasion & Chemical Peels

For the VI Peel please allow two weeks before and after an electrolysis treatment, IPL, BBL, or laser treatment and having a VI Peel in the same area.

Seven (7) days prior to your treatment avoid these items listed below on the treatment area:

Electrolysis *There are exceptions made for receiving microdermabrasion and electrolysis treatments closer together when you consult with your Permanent Choice technician in-person.

Laser Hair Removal

Retinol Products

Benzoyl Peroxide

Alpha Hydroxy (e.g. Glycolic & Lactic Acid)

Beta Hydroxy (e.g. Salicylic Acid)

Waxing, tweezing, or threading the area(s) to be treated

Tanning Beds

Extended Sun Exposure

After Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels, you will want to avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for at least 2 weeks. Always using an SPF of 30 or higher every 2-3 hours because your skin will be more sun sensitive.

Also, avoid strenuous exercise and perspiring for up to 3 days after treatment.